Parkson: Customer Service Executive

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Job title                  :        Customer Service Executive

Department             :        Store Operations

Reports to               :        Store Manager


Be responsible for (1) customer service activities, (2) house keeping, (3) rules and regulations, and (4) staff’s productivity and efficiency.


Report to       : Store Manager.

Internal         : All Parkson’s staffs.

External         : Customers, Promoters, Counter managers, suppliers.

Supervises     : Customer service supervisor and assistant


1. Customer Service activities: In charge of conducting and supervising all Customer Services activities, including:

–         Provide good customer services. Be polite and listen alternatively to customers needs.

–         Get information, answer customers’ questions, and provide information on store, promotions and its merchandise to customers, handle customers complains, solve problemeven when handling unpleasant customers and expedite work.

–         Check and maintain audio system in good condition and ready to use.

–         Make announcement, play music, and promotion clips timely.

–         Be responsible for selling all promotion items in good manner.

–         Issue VAT invoice as request promptly, accurately and timely.

–         Be responsible for receiving, storing and delivering paper and plastic shopping bag to cashier accurately and timely.

–         Update Lost and Found book, return lost things to owner.

–         Prepare, submits using VAT reports, lost and found records on time.

Requirements: Satisfy all internal and external customers, no complains from customers and staffs. Good working audio system, efficient page ring, using VAT invoices accurately. Submit all kind of reports on time.

2. House Keeping

–         Checks, maintain clean customer service area and daily house keeping duties.

Requirements: Customer service area is free of dust, well arranged, tidy, neat and in proper area.

3. Rules and Regulations

–         Follow all working procedures, the company’s policies, rules and regulations.

Requirements: Execute the company’s policies, rules and regulations.

4. Management

–         Assign subordinates on duty.

–         Implement policies, goals, objectives, and procedures for the department.

–         Be responsible for staff’s performance.

–         Regularly train and motivate subordinates in daily works:

–         Appraise staff’s performance and handle staff’s grievances and complains from internal and external customers.

Requirements: Efficient manpower on duty, staffs are competent in customer services. Appraisal result is evaluated accurately, fair with staff’s performance. Staff’s grievances are solved within the competence. Staff turnover at minimum level.

5. Other duties

–         Other tasks or responsibilities as assigned by Customer service Executive.


–         25 years old or older

–         Higher education.

–         At least two-year experience at management level.

–         English ability: Fluency.

–         Be able to work at shift

–         Good health.

–         Management skill: Ability to manage front end operations effectively.

–         Communication skill: Ability to communicate clear, concise, understandable manner and listen attentively to others, understand materials, and provide instructions efficiently.

–         Ability to operate audio, page ring system.

–         Service orientation: Customer service minded.

–         Product Knowledge:  Demonstrates and maintains a thorough knowledge of the products and services offered at The Parkson.

–         Promote Teamwork: Maintain positive working relationships with co-workers; effectively handle interpersonal conflict

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